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THE CASTLE to screen at prestigious Foyle Film Festival

We are delighted to share that The Castle with screen at the Oscar and Bafta Qualifying Foyle Film festival this November!

This coming-of-age drama follows Monika, a 13-year-old Lithuanian girl who has recently moved to Dublin with her mother and demented grandmother.

A passionate singer, Monika pushes her mother, a professional pianist, to keep playing with her. But mum now works in a fish factory to pay the bills. When the two are invited to play at “The Castle”, Monika’s mum refuses and won’t give Monika the 120 euros she needs to hire a keyboard. Determined to go, a desperate Monika ends up kidnapping her own granny and demanding the ransom from her mum.

‘Affecting and thought-provoking, Luzyte’s drama is a lament to the talent that is sacrificed everyday in modern Ireland.’ – Film Ireland

The Castle will screen on their online platform on the 26th of November at 18:00. Make sure to check out their wesbite for tickets.


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