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HOLY ISLAND to get VOD release June 2024

Samson Films are proud to announce the VOD release of the award-winning arthouse drama Holy Island will be available to rent on June 4th 2024.

Jeanne Nicole Ní Áinle stars as 'Rose'

After receiving its world premiere at Cork International Film Festival, Holy Island has played in prestigious film festivals around the globe - from RVA Film Festival in Richmond to the International Film Festival of India in Goa, from Ashland Independent Film Festival in Oregon, to Madrid's International Film Festival to New Mexico's Santa Fe Film Festival, and now it's available to watch at home!

"Do you ever feel like you’re walking beside life not in it? Like you’ve wandered out of existence?"

The film was written and directed by Robert Manson and stars Jeanne Nicole Ní Áinle as 'Rose' and Conor Madden as 'David' who are two lost souls, trying to escape a desolate purgatory town. The pair meet awaiting a boat to leave the island, both longing to return home. Together they are forced to traverse an abnormal maze, piecing together their past lives through shared conversations and memories. They must find a rare ticket, and overcome their own personal struggles, before becoming stuck in this limbo forever.

Holy Island was produced by Samson Films and Ballyrogan Films and was funded by the Irish Arts Council.

Find the VOD link here.

Holy Island VOD release date June 4th


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