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Wildfire receives SPECIAL MENTION at Cork International Film Festival

After a successful world premiere at TIFF, Wildfire had its first Irish screening at Cork International Film Festival this November receiving a ‘Special Mention’ in The Spirit of The Festival award category. This is what the judges had to say: “This film offered a fresh approach to the impacts of historical violence, social and political unrest, and borders, both geographical and emotional. The heavy weight of this context is present throughout, introduced at the outset through deft use of archival footage and dense factory scenes. However, at the heart of this film is the female perspective, two characters grappling with the complexities of familial relationships and heritage, featuring excellent performances of intense strength and vulnerability. We hope that many people will have the opportunity to discover this film and look forward to viewing the future work of its writer/director, Cathy Brady.”

Thank you to Cork Film Festival for your kind words and for screening WILDFIRE. Taking the festival online is no easy feet but it was incredibly enjoyable and a massive congratulations to the CIFF team for making it happen. We look forward to next year!


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