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THE CASTLE selected for Cork International Film Festival

The Castle starring Barbora Bareikytė

We are so excited to announce that The Castle has been selected for Cork International Film Festival! The Castle, along with our other production Wildfire, will screen on their virtual festival platform this November.

Monika, a thirteen-year-old Lithuanian girl and aspiring pianist, lives with her mother and grandmother in Dublin. While Monika dreams of performing in the mysterious ‘Castle’, her hard-pressed mother sells the family keyboard, forcing Monika to take extreme measures to get it back.

Beautifully shot by cinematographer Michael Lavelle, this psychological coming-of-age story by Lina Lužytė offers rare insights into the lives of economic migrants in Ireland.

The Castle will screen online on Thursday November 12th on CIFF’s virtual festival platform. Make sure to visit their website to book tickets.

The Castle will also screen at the prestigious Foyle Film Festival at the end of November. More news on this to follow.


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